The Neighborhood Place For The Casual Gourmet


Our History

After opening 27 restaurants, nightclubs and bars of every genre for other companies, Co-Owner & Managing Partner Mark Maguire was ready to take the plunge on his own. He had the concept in the back of his mind as he worked for other restaurants, noticing carefully what worked and what didn't, always believing there was a niche for the kind of food he envisioned. His brother Chris, a Dallas real estate executive was also very passionate about great food. Traveling extensively for his real estate business, Chris was frustrated by the lack of great chef-driven restaurants that offered food at reasonable prices. Together they collaborated on how to bring their passion for great food to Dallas.

The result of that collaboration is what became Maguire's Grille - their vision of a relaxed, inviting restaurant with an interesting menu—not fussy or snobbish, but “appealing to the adventurous with intimidating the traditional,” Mark says of Maguire’s menu philosophy. 

Our Vision

Maguire's is a neighborhood restaurant for the casual gourmet. The inspiration for Maguire’s Grille is the recognition of a gap in the Dallas market between the casual dining segment and a la carte haute cuisine as well as the lack of creative, chef-driven regional American menus offering a price point that still allows for a broad “repeat guest” clientele.

We have designed a restaurant that is both unique and inviting, with an imaginative yet moderately priced menu that draws adventurous diners without intimidating those with traditional tastes. We aspire to deliver perfectly presented dishes created by the very best chefs and served by warm & professional service staff.